Cell Phone Tower Myths- What You Must Know About

The whole world is like a ringing bell — ringing in irrational major worry and conjuring up Chernobyl or Fukushima images. So when we hear of radio-frequency radiation able to transmit mobile tower antennas, concerns arise in the common man. Fortunately, nothing could be more improper or bizarre than linking mobile tower emissions to the former high-energy radiation category that includes frequencies beyond ultraviolet, i.e., Radiography, gamma rays, etc. Collectively, such high-energy radiation is referred to as “ionizing radiation,” which can damage materials, especially living tissue, in large doses. And when radiation and its potential adverse effects are concerned, the reference is specifically to high energy ionizing radiation. In India, the concern in some quarters over radiation from mobile cell phone towers, arises from the highly flawed extrapolation of the fear of ionizing radiation from mobile towers and phones to ultra-weak radio-frequency radiation.

There is no link between cancer and cell-towers, according to the American Cancer Society. The waves of radiofrequency (RF) can not damage the brain, so there is no increased risk of disease like cancer. Although RF waves are associated with increased tumor activity in rats, this requires extremely high exposure over a very long time period. Mobile phones, cell towers, and other sources of these waves do not emit radiation at this level.

.You will find the radiation is all around us across the globe all around us, and we are all, in fact, submerged in the naturally occurring ionizing radiation that reaches us from outer space, even from the radioactive elements and materials that surround us on earth. Ever since life began on Earth three and a half billion years ago, this has been so. At least one billion naturally occurring particles enter our bodies every day. Sunshine is one of the most common sources of radiation, offering light and energy as well as good health and is therefore embraced and adored.

Although myths about the many dangers of living near mobile cell towers may have been heard, these reports fall short of the truth. As long as these towers are constructed at a safe distance and appropriate data security measures are taken, they pose no danger to the public. It is vital to keep pushing for more towers despite these myths. Advanced technology will promote a healthier, more connected environment than ever.

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